BAS Training


BAS Training (pronounces Boss Training) stands for Barbell Aesthetic Strength. BAS Training is a workout method developed by Isabel Lahela and Taro Yamashita. Isabel has been developing the BAS-method for the past four years and has subsequently achieved status as a Canadian National Olympic Weightlifter, Canadian National Powerlifting Record Holder, and professional fitness model. Taro is a Biomedical Engineer and Canadian National Powerlifter.

The BAS Training method focuses predominately on barbell lifts.  It includes strength training with an aesthetic emphasis to provide ultimate performance and an ideal physique.

Isabel works with all of her clients personally online, on a one-on-one basis to tailor the BAS Training method to every individual, creating specific programs for each person’s goals and needs.

BAS Training with Isabel includes

- weekly workouts (5 workouts a week)

- weekly training email check-ins

- optional nutritional check-ins (with Renaissance Periodization Meal Plan)

- optional powerlifting competition prep