Terms & Conditions

By signing below, I hereby acknowledge the risks involved with taking on a new physical training and/or nutritional and dietary plan. I acknowledge that any activity that I agree to participate in with Isabel Lahela’s online programming, coaching, or diet planning can have positive, and negative effects on my personal health. I acknowledge that weight training, resistance training, cardiovascular training, and other forms of physical strength and conditioning carry an inherent risk with them. By signing below, I release Isabel Lahela from any liability and harm that might be caused by physical training under her guidance. I acknowledge that if I do not disclose any injuries or limitations, both past and present, I release Isabel Lahela from any harm that may come from not informing them about my physical limitations.

I agree that all transactions for training programs are final after a week of purchasing. No refunds will be given after a week of signing up for a personalized training program, and/or online coaching. If I wish to cancel a subscription with Isabel Lahela it must be at least 30 days in advance before the next pay period; otherwise I will be charged for the following month subscription.

By subscribing to this program you agree to have your credit card charged monthly unless you cancel your subscription.

I have read the terms and conditions, as well as the liability waiver, and by signing below, agree to all of the above.